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Jilin chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. was award “China’s Health Care Function Raw Materials of Textile Base”
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China showed some points in “the detailed guidance for the revival plan”: accelerating technical and scientific progress, especially in technical popularization and application, developing functional textiles and green textiles, constructing new industry terrace. China's textile use innovation, especially helping the textile enterprise has outstanding contribution to functional textile so that enhance the core competitiveness in this industry.
The manager of Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. Hebei province, Mr. Song Dewu introduced something that corporate champion of “Tanboocel Industry Union” on the basis on of material company, by regulate industry chain resource to empolder new functionality textile by the form of union, forge the successful operationality of known material brand.
The forum especially invited the president of the Photoelectric Medical Treatment Materials and Equipment Joint-stock Corporation from Japanese, Mr. Xiao Shijunfu, proprieter Xiao Shi showed his several research results of multifunctional textile which he empolders about 20 years to the leaderships and experts who attended the meeting, and introduces emphatically “ The Platinum Fiber” which had empoldered with Ji Lin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd.( also calls counteract thrombus health care  fiber), it was get attention by association leadership and every expert.
The forum had awarded the certification which reach a set standard of China Health Care Association for production unit pass the standard production of “Health Care Functional Textile CAS115-2005” and change the certification for several company such as Avon China, Kang (China), Lun Jia biology Taiyuan city, Jianlong Tianjin, Textile Science, Zhong Mai, Zhen Ao Shanghai, Tian Nian biology, Rollie Home Textile and so on.
Ji Lin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd., according to the prominent contribution at the territory of new functionality textile, China Heath Care Association and China Knit Goods Association was conferred Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. the honorable title “China Health functional textile Material base” The president of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. Mr. Wang Jinjun represents Jilin Chemical Fiber to receive a reward. Up to now, it is only one medal of textile material base that association had awarded to the textile material company.