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Tanboocel Alliance: In charge of the Industrialization Projects of
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Nowadays, at the period of the market make adjustment and change at home and abroad, face to the complexion such as general varietal surplus of textile trade at over the years and the uncultured new textile material manufacturing technology, then the voice of technology advanced and jump in more independent innovative headstream scientific research is progressive. The correlative insider thoughts that combine production, study and research that can impel high and new technology fiber industrialization and its applications. Expedite biological source fiber material industrialization course, cling to a breakthrough point, it will take the deep-seated adjustment and change.
These days, at item discussion meeting of manifold biomacromolecule new fiber engineering and industrialization that was hold by several academician and industry expert of Chinese Academy of Engineering in Beijing, Tian Zhu Union achieve the industrialization item of bamboo fiber
The key of establish independent trade on innovative service platform trade is in base on the industrialization of achievements in scientific research. Tian Zhu Union makes the effort in many ways, for the result of bamboo fiber, scientific research and obtains the key breakthroughs at multinomial important technology. 2007, Ji Gao Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. at He Bei province was changed with nation scientific support plan task- bamboo fiber machining important technology, the task of bamboo fiber machining important technology are very satisfied pass the nation task check and accept and fruit appraisal, it put our country bamboo fiber machining technology or the international leading level and also embody the technology and innovative ability Ji Gao company and immit the new energy into the development the textile trade.
 Our company’s manager, Song Dewu expressed Ji Gao Chemical Fiber under trade adjustment and revitalize programming guidance, rely on the self-contained complete advantage of the Tian Zhu industry Union, organize innovative group of production, study, research, achieve the complement each other’s advantage, cooperative innovation, impel the whole technology advancement of bamboo fiber industrialization and textile trade.