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Fiber under the Sun with Incorruptness------Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. Strengthens Construction of Anti-corruption to Promote Enterprise Development Events
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Yesterday, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. has come out good news: seven months earlier, the company’s sales income achieve 259502 yuan, accomplish tax 15545 yuan, nay, this company didn’t forget workers, they increase of wages about 300 yuan per month for every worker. “the company attach great importance to ours, we are full of vigours”, said the worker pleasantly.
Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. is the large state-owned company of chemical fiber production, be influenced by financial crisis, the company sales form had made considerable reduction, workers’ mood has great wave, facing such serious situation, trade union organization must give full scope to bridge and link, stabilize workers’ procession, advance company’s development, become to the new task that company’s trade union organization faced to, the company’s trade union organization insist on the working tenet of encouragement, develop the democracy, safeguard rights, advance harmonious, and harmonious labour relationship construction is its carrier, help company’s development.
Aim at the moods wave, reduce enthusiasm for production and so on, the company make stabilization and encouragement to be their masterstroke of political thought policy and suggest Party Committee develop educational activity “build up confidence” overcome difficult and advance, increase crisis consciousness. At the same time, support company help exceptional poverty family, demand the unit production curtailment, arrange the workers’ of single parent exceptional poverty family( double workers must insure single) has precedence over to work on the other familiar post at other producing departments. After acceptance, the company assist on 47 workers from exceptional poverty, for single parents or single of double workers, arrange the working post, stabilize the workers group.
To actualize factory affair open managements a forceful act that promote the harmonious. They implement factory affair open system, pass establishment of company annual workers’ congress, the joint session of workers represents headman, administrative month attempter meeting, open meeting, group company information management platform publish on the internet such open form “ four meeting, one column, one internet”. To the view of company management, large innovation, sale, stock, large engineering capital construction item and some matters that workers care about, stick up for the workers’ right to know, right to party and right to suggestion, promote the harmonious buildings. To deepen the establishment of harmonious labors relationship, the company trade union start with the solution of the workers, go down to the production line, understand workers’ difficulty, hear workers’ thinking. They develop the workers’ research analysis under the difficulty position of textile, the workers’ thinking, the existence problem of company and the difficulty, understand the workers’ sufferings, and solve the workers’ difficulties. For the sake of satisfaction of the workers’ dining-room on the workers’, they not only call together workers’ representative headman attend month meetings, but also penetrate into workshop to ask the workers’ and grass roots’ attitude, first half year, they had checked dining-room 16 times, checked some problems about service, health, foods quantity and several advices, opinions about 20 pieces, rectified and reformed about 100 percent, these were received with favorable reception from workers.