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The Company was Interviewed by "China’s Reform Daily"
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      On the morning of May 12th, “China Reform Daily” which is affiliated with National Development and Reform Commission, resident stationmaster of Reporter Center in Jilin, Wang Ye, director of new center, Li Simeng, correspondent Wang Wansong came to our company to investigate, survey and interview. The assistant of company general manager and the general manager of Qifeng company, Ma Jun was together to attended the discussion with them. Ma Jun introduced the survey of the company and the layout of bamboo pulp, bamboo fiber, carbon fiber precursor and acrylic fiber, and introduced emphatically the bamboo fiber and broad prospects of the production of bamboo fiber and carbon fiber. The science of upgrade mucilage glue, develop acrylic fibers and develop along the industry chain in both directions, the strategy of sustainable development attracted these people. They expressed they must be made an in-depth report to the company construct a good soft environment for the examination and approve of development item and try for political support. The minister of sales department of Jilin JiMont Acrylic Fiber Co., Ltd. and Ms. Wang Hong, Secretary of Youth League committee attended the meeting.