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  类别: Acrylic Fiber  
  名称: Gel Dyeing Fiber  
It can be used to develop high value-added products such as colored antibacterial fiber, colored fine denier fiber and colored uvioresistant fiber etc.. It is also widely used to produce knitted garments, artificial fur, carpets and other indoor or outdoor ornaments etc..

The as-formed fiber in gel state is dyed during acrylic wet spinning process. The main dye is cationic dye. The process has the advantages of good spinnability, bright color, fast color, non-pollution, nonirritant, environment protection and health etc. compared with traditional dyeing process.

Denier (dtex): 0.89-6.67
Length (mm): 32-113
Gloss: bright, semi dull and dull
Color: various colors according to customers’ requests