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    Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. is a

chemical fiber production, commerce and trade,
construction and installation set in one large,
comprehensive enterprise group. Covers an area
of 200 hectares, the existing staff thousand
names, the total assets of 7.8 billion.
         At present, the Group has joint-stock companies (listed in Shenzhen)
   and Qifeng Corporation (Hong Kong-listed) the two companies.
         Leading products include viscose staple fiber, viscose filament yarn,
   acrylic fiber, chemical fiber pulp, yarn, paper products more than 450
   varieties of six series, product quality among the forefront of the industry.
   Comprehensive production capacity of 446,000 tons, now, selling domestic
   products are also exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States and
   Europe more than 10 countries and regions.
         "White Mountain" brand was recognized as "China Famous Brand", "White
   Mountain" brand viscose staple fiber, viscose filament yarn was awarded "China
   Top Brand."
          To make business constantly stronger, bigger, Jilin Chemical Fiber is
   to "think things, officer, succeed, and intentions of doing things," we as a
   guide, accelerate the implementation of industrial development planning, is
   toward the goal of 10 billion yuan sales income!